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After more than 22 years in the pre-press business, we have seen many changes in the industry - some good and some not so good! Either way, over the years we have had the opportunity to work with a lot of different equipment and hundreds of printers, designers, ad agencies and end-users. While we have done our best to keep up with technology, we realized that not everyone is so eager to change. That is why we continue to evolve while retaining the services that established our roots.

Imagesetter's - Long Live the King! The thing that brought the desktop publishing frenzy to the Big Leagues! For you film based shops, we still have our imagesetting department - 2400dpi film positive or negative direct from your computer generated file. Operating as a full service bureau we can provide you with all your pre-press needs from pre-flighting your files to digital proofs.

Wide Format Printing, Mounting and Laminating - For your poster, banner and signage needs we have our wide-format department offering solvent inks for outdoor applications, pigment inks for long-term indoor usage, while our giclee printer reproduces your finest works of art. Finishing services include mounting to virtually any substance up to 1" thick and a wide variety of laminates to beautify and protect.

Drum Scanning - Long before there were digital cameras and desktop scanners, drum scanners were the only game in town. While flatbed scanners have come a long way, nothing can beat the quality of a drum scan. The technology behind a drum scanner is a laser used to capture the highest resolution from an image (12,000 DPI). Photographs and transparencies are taped, clamped or fitted into a clear cylinder (drum) that is spinning at speeds up to 2,000 RPM during the scanning operation. A light source that focuses on one pixel at a time is beamed onto the drum and moves down the drum a line at a time. If your project requires getting the most from your images or if you have transparencies that need to be digitized, drum scanning is your best bet.

Typesetting and Layout Services - Once upon a time we called it "Typesetting", then "Desktop Publishing" and today "Design and Layout Services". Whatever language you speak, we would be happy to help.

Apparel Printing - Digital t-shirt printing, screen printing and precision cut, heat applied graphics for t-shirts, bags, hats, sweats...

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